Funny Video Day Continues: ‘Man Vs Toddler’ (With Funny Video)

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This video was sent in to us by reader “David L.”, you had this to say about his find: “I used complete crap this way when Utilised to be a kid with my sister, but there has never been a video camera aorund (sic) to capture the shame of it all”. Good point, Jesse. Why, we even pointed that out ultimately intro! Great minds think alike, mister. If you’ve found a funny video you’d like to see featured here in the Comedy Examiner’s Office, appropriate send it in. You’ll credit along with Hot Sexy News extra special surprise situation your video is selected (prize may not be included).

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There’s no word yet if Murs is replaced or maybe Flack will host “The Xtra Factor” solo. Flack has not announced yet if she is remaining on the program.